Heuristic Test

I invited to the UX Team to participate in a round of two Heuristic Tests. We run the first one in a workshop (individually) and the second one I run it with the Mobile Lead Designer and we did it together. The results were amazing!

Heuristic Test - What did I do?
First of all, I stablished the task we have to review. Once I had the user flow (based on this task = task flow) I divided the task in according to the navigation in order to review it. In this particular case, our ckeckout process has 5 pages to go forward and back. Based on it, we reviewed (individually) each page. Then we compared the results.

10 heuristics
I asked the UX Team to review these 5 steps (pages) individually, against the 10 heuristic of Jakob Nielsen. You can read more about it in this site Usability.gov, about Heuristic Evaluation.

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