Handovers for grooming

How we should show our work (as UX Practitioners) to the team in grooming sessions.
Yes we work in Agile!.

For developers works very well in order to put some people working together with the same scope. That's great right? Unfortunately I find it hard to mix this methodlogy with Design processes in some companies. Mainly because the period of time we manage as designers is different and the work we have to do involving other people outside the scrum team is difficult to manage in a visible way within the dev team.

The better we can be organised in our design work the better we can work with the team in sprints. We should have enough time to work on an idea, and time ahead in order to prepare good handovers ready to groom the sprint before. Using the right handovers we can explain the interactions better and we can support our QA to manage all the scenarios and edge cases too.

Here I'm showing one of the handovers I shown to my team, in a grooming session for the feature "Award Card", which was going to be a part of a page.
This page was the building process with other sections and this feature was thought in order to be used also in the mobile versionof the page.
Of course I did also an interactive prototype but this document helps us to manage all the possible scenarios wich is something time consuming in the prototype process.
Team can focus on all the things this mockup does being considering all the edge cases in advance (something that architects and developers love to focus in grooming sessions - with all my love and respect to my lovely team!

Keep loving Agile :)

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