finding patterns: Research analysis

User Journeys collected
Once I had finished the user interviews I had 19 User Journeys in my hands waiting for being processed. I was being conducting user interviews for 2 weeks and it was the time to bring all the insights to the UX Team and start working together in the amazing job of what I call "Finding Patterns".

Mirror User Journey's template into the wall
In a group of three people, we analyse the user journeys and we extract the phrases, the thoughts and the feelings connected to specific actions. Then we put them into the wall in the same order that they had in the user journey template (in an specific interaction).

FINAL WALL after User Research

It was easy to see from a first sight the feelings into the wall because of the emoticons. They really helped me out to show a group of SAD FACES, or HAPPY FACES in an specific task in period of time. It was a totally collaborative process full of fun and diversity.

Analysing and finding patterns

We watched the amount of similar thoughts, feelings and actions to specific interactions and we grouped them into main segments: painpoints, new opportunities and things that people are happy with. Thank you all designers who were involved on it.

Let’s continue working together… pass the pen… more collaboration… great STUFF!

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