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I'm a Senior UX Designer with more than 10 years focused on customer experience.

Hi there! My name is Natalia Rey and I'm an Senior UX Designer living in the sunny capital of Ireland, Dublin.
Of course I'm joking :)

Next talk will be UXcamp Dublin 2017, the 20th of May 2017, stay tuned :)

1. Defuse on the 8Th of November, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland.
It was a pleasure to be invited to this event where you can talk only once in your life and format is quite amazing!
My talk here "The unexpected experience" I hope you enjoy it :)

2. UXCamp Europe on the 25Th and the 26Th of June. Berlin, Germany.
I hosted a session talking about "Flowcharts + Personas and a Love Story"
Fantastic insights from colleagues around Europe!

3. UXCamp Brighton 19Th March. England, UK.
I hosted a session talking about "Flowcharts + Personas and a Love Story"

4. UXCamp Dublin 20Th February. Dublin, Ireland.
I hosted a session talking about "Flowcharts + Personas and a Love Story"
I carried on a workshop about "Experience Mapping".
Read more about the workshops and talks I made in UXcampDublin.

1. UX Lisbon 2015 3 to 5 June 2015. Lisbon, Portugal.
Andrew Hinton Design Research from Context workshop.
Mike Atherton Structured Content Modelling workshop.
Josh Seiden Hypothesis Writing for Lean UX workshop.
Adrian Howard User Story Mapping workshop.
Read more about the workshops and talks I had the opportunity to attend.

2. User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design Human Factors International. Oct. of 2014. London, UK.
Even though the course was not so good I did enjoy the colleagues I met there and the possibility to share all our experiences working in different companies within different processes and methodologies.

3. UX Intensive Adaptive Path 13 to 16, May 2014. Dublin, Ireland.
Full day workshop Design Research.
Full day workshop Service Design.

4. UX Buenos Aires 2012. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

5. UX Lisbon 2011 11 to 13 May, 2011. Lisbon, Portugal.
Whitney Quesenbery Storytelling for User Experience workshop.
Josh Clark Designing for Touch workshop.
Don Norman Living with Complexity amazing talk!

6. USOLAB 28 to 30 September, 2005. Santiago de Chile.
Attending to 2 days workshops: "Designing an eficient navigation" and
"Transaction design for Ecommerce websites users".

Courses, training and education are always a very good way to learn but reading is the best way to have an open-minded in trending thoughts around the globe and they are free! I try to experiment and I’m not afraid of trying new things, working with new people and sharing my work with them. Reading is always the best way to keep going my enthusiasm!

DAILY READING, blogs and people I do follow
User Testing Blog is a fantastic resource of User Research.
Invision has a very good blog related to the UX field. From UI trends to how other companies manages UX process.
UX Matters a great resource of definitions, process and new approaches to different strategies in the UX field.
Adaptive Path is trendy in customer experience mapping and how you can share it within Teams.
Norman and Nielsen group is the basic read to everyone who wants to start on this field.
Luke W. is the master of the Interaction Design (specially on mobile).
Alan Copper has a unique way of present and write about his projects.
Indi Young is my researcher idol.
I always find a way to discover new great designers specially focused on animations in Dribbble.

And lovely Graphics and Patterns Print and Pattern Blog.

I have studied Multimedia and Graphic Design, in ORT University. I also studied Information Architect and Interaction Design in Murcia University).

Fleetmatics, Verizon 2 months and half contract
From February to April (this year, 2017), I've been busy helping the UX Lead and the Head of UX to set up the strategy at Fleetmatics in Dublin, Ireland.

Mainly as an Senior UX Designer working in Dublin offices and travelling to USA in order to gather data insights and conduction some workshops with key stakeholders within a cross functional team.

Mainly tasks there:
Gathering data from Product Design team, in order to converge quality and quantity data together. We used Trello boards to set up user research questions.
- Interviews on-site. Facing clients, gathering data using a new template validated with Each & Other (user centred design consultancy firm here in Dublin).
- Flying over to the States to lead Personas and & User Journeys workshops within cross- functional teams: from sales to costumer service support.
- Mapping the actual experience. Putting all data together and digitalising in a visual format to further using with the UX and dev team.
- Workshops with some members of dev team, UX principal, and UI lead to come up with main concepts (crazy ideas).
- Writing scripts and analysing main design principles according to business.
- Storyboards to describe main TO-BE experience to sell to stakeholders (CTO + business).
- Main concepts applied in some interactions according to 4 design principles.

Working absolutely collaboratively with UI lead and UX lead designer.

Commercetools 2 months contract
From May to July (this year 2016), I've been busy helping the development team atCommercetools in Munich, Germany.
Mainly as an Interaction Designer (working from Dublin and travelling to Munich) to complete an important deadline the company had.

My daily tasks are the following:
. Userflows and IA for required features.
. Wireframes and Prototypes (according to their UX patterns already in use within the product).
. UI design as a plus, working on Sketch, reusing the existing deisng guidelines.

. Usability Issues found and Heuristic Test delivered to finish my work.

In 2015 I moved to work at IBM Dublin Studios learning and sharing a lot. We worked using the Design Thinking approach combined with Agile methodology which I found a fantastic way to get all the Team members and stakeholders involved from the beginning into the design process.

There I was happy enough of leading a product and also helping associate designers to move them forward in their career paths. I'm learning a lot in this field, because the mentoring is always pushing myself to read and learn more about how to communicate things better. Share, collaborate and always pass the pen :)
I also enjoyed working closely with my team in different topics related to our IBM Studios in Dublin.

In 2013 I joined Globoforce to work for the Ecommerce team and later on to work in the Finance team.
I worked there 2 years and I did a lot! I used to divide my time in order to work in three 3 different projects:
1. Gathering information as a User Researcher. Part of my daily job was interviewing face to face people in order to gather data for different projects. I was also conducting remotely interviews with people around the globe with different purposes.
2. Being Strategist for the Finance Team, analyzing information and providing easy to use interfaces to our customers.
3. Mentoring the UX Team, providing different workshops and giving some presentations in order to share the knowledge and help designers to learn and improve in their careers realated to new trendy methods and processes. Mobile was always an essential part of the global strategy of the company, so I was happy enough to improve some interactions of the product. The third part of my job was working as a "mentor" of the UX team, carrying on different series of workshops and trainings to the UX Team and business analyst people.

I've got my very first job as a web designer in Soho, a company established in Uruguay and Chile.
User Experience was essential for them because most of the projects were related with Banks and Government websites.

In 2006 I become an Usability Consultant (with some courses in Chile and Spain) and in 2007 I decided to move to Chile to become an Usability Expert Consultant of the Ministry of Finance during 1 year, doing an Outsourcing project supported by Soho).

Note: Also, I worked as a freelancer Interaction Designer, delivering usability guides and giving support to different kind of enterprises like Sodimac, Mybestplay powered by Multiplica and UruIT.

Since I was a the age of 12, I was studiying Drama. I started in small companies and then, in 2006, I went to the University, where I was stuying formal acting during 3 years in Escuela del Actor in Uruguay. I found an strong connection between Drama and User Experience. In both you have to put yourself in other people shoes.

In 2007, Magdalena Bosch and myself wrote a drama play "Flacas" for the "Centro Cultural de España". The play consist in a Research made 2 years before, about Bulimia and Anorexia in South America. We were involved with ALUBA (the Bulimia and Anorexia Asociation)
We won a prize with the text and we performed under my direction in April, 2013, in Montevideo, Uruguay.
If you are interested, take a look that I was on TV with "Flacas".

Whenever I have some time I always leave a space for doing some illustrations. It really helps me out to decrease the stressful moments from the journey enjoying the freedom of create something completely new for my own pleasure. Please see some of them on Instagram.

You can find me in Linkedin, Twitter but if you really want to contact me... drop me a line on my inbox or give me a call mobile (+353) 083 196 3375.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great day :)

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