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About me (Natalia Rey, Interaction Designer)
I'm an Interaction Designer. I have more than 7 years of experience in this role.
I started as a web designer in Soho, a company established in Uruguay and Chile.

User Experience was an essential issue for them because most of their works were related with banks and government web sites.

In 2006 I become an Usability Consultant (with lots of courses in Chile and Spain) and in 2007 I moved to live in Chile to be an Usability Expert Consultant of the Ministry of Finance during 1 year (by Soho).

Note: Also, I worked as a freelancer UX, giving usability support to different kind of enterprises like Sodimac, Mybestplay (by Multiplica) and

MOBILE FIRST: In 2009 I started to study all about mobile devices, and in 2010 I searched for a job focused on mobile across all platforms in Europe.

In August, 2010, I moved on to Ireland with my family to work for Avego as a
Interaction Designer, creating new apps, and everything related to our users.

At the moment, I'm very focused on mobile with experience in iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7, and tablets apps.

I am very good at:

Professional Education
I'm licenced in Graphic Design and Multimedia (2001) in ORT Uruguay University, (4 years).

Also I studied Fine Arts in National School of Fine Arts (2001) in Montevideo, Uruguay, (3 years).

After a few years of working as a web designer I studied Usability & Accessibility in Murcia's University.

Seminars and Conferences
• Designing Efficient Navigation. Santiago, Chile 2005.
Seminar organised by Soho and dictated by Francisco García Peñalver from the
spanish company

Transaction Design Thinking of you to Web Sites E-Commerce. Santiago, Chile 2005.
Seminar organised by Soho and dictated by Francisco García Peñalver from the
spanish company

• Murcia's University – Professional web design: Usability & Accessibility. UM
Standards and Information Architecture.
Ferbuary to March 2010. Upgrade new technologies.

. UX BUENOS AIRES. Argentina. (2012)
Attending to: En el marco del Día Mundial de la Usabilidad.

• UX LISBON. Portugal (2011).
Attending to:

Storytelling for User Experience, Whitney Quesenbery. Full Workshop Designing for Touch, Josh Clark. Full Workshop

Stimulating Visual Thinking, Claudia Ehmke. From Idea to I Agree: Thoughts on Communicating UX, Andrew Travers.

Windows Phone: Personal, Relevant and Connected Mobile Design,
Kat Holmes

Louis Rosenfeld: On Not Declaring Victory: Going Beyond User Research.
Christian Crumlish: Playful Design.
Kristina Halvorson: Content/ Communication.
Josh Clark: Cage Match: Mobile Web vs. Native App.
Don Norman: Living with Complexity