More workshops:

From Idea to I Agree:
Thoughts on Communicating UX
(Andrew Travers)

Simulating Visual Thinking
(Claudia Enmke)

Windows Phone: Personal, Relevant and Connected Mobile Design.
(Kat Holmes, Microsoft)
An approach for windows phone.

Great Conferences:

Kristina Halvorson

Critical Thinking Skills
Stephen Anderson

Living with Complexity Don Norman

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1st. Workshop: Storytelling for user experience (Whitney Quensenbery)

Why stories in user experience design?
"Stories serve to ground the work in a real context by connecting design ideas to the people who will use the product."

Collecting Stories - Selecting Stories - Using stories for design ideas - Evaluating with stories - Sharing stories - Crafting stories - Stories structures are patterns - Putting stories in your reports.


2nd. Workshop: Desgning for Touch (Josh Clark)

All new devices involve a whole new total physical experience.

How small screens in mobile phones change the user experience and also the content of the screens, limiting them and organising the content in order to the main important ones.

The difference between platforms: iPhones, Androids and Windows Phone 7.

Which is the best platform to build an app? Is one of them more useful than the others?

How web mobile apps interact in any devices?
They can be seen in all platforms.

How tablets like iPads have different ways to interact than mobiles because of the size of the screen, the context to use them, and the audience.

These are pretty new and we are LEARNING ABOUT IT. There are no RULES at all, only experiences.

As User Experience designers, we can only LEARN, LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION, and ENJOY this new world about this devices.


More information about the conference here in UX Lisbon 2011.