I am a Senior Interaction Designer Professional with more than 7 years
of experience in this role.


We have to focus only in the most important actions and functionalities of an application. There is no space of unnecessary elements, so we have to
priorize and all the information. This also could help to change the concept
of how we can be more efficient for the user in the rest of the products in a company, for example in their websites.

Good examples: Flickr, Youtube, Kayak, Moo.

At the moment, I'm working in Globoforce, in Dublin, Ireland.
As being a part of Agile environment, my focus is to deliver great design into the team. My focus is on user's needs, based on collecting stories from our clients (I lead our contextual inquiry and focus groups in the company).
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UX LX User Experience Lisbon
It was a fantastic conference!
Here my comments.


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