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How I work As an Interaction Designer

Ideas are the main thing to have a successfull application or a website.

What this really means?

You can have a business that work very well but as you know one of the most important thing is the communication with your clients and users.

An smart way to show it, is creating a product that really helps to clients and users to do what they wanted to do, in the time that they expected to do it with the efficient that they are used to do it and also with benefits.Much better if we include nice new features on it!
What's my job about?

I am Interaction Designer who works very close to real users, creating real scenarios, trying to understand users thoughs to create what they want and what they really need, covering all their expectations and making them happy!

How do I work?

I use a general process based on the HCI principles but addapted by myself just to increase the prdocutivty in my work everyday. 
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