FLOWCHARTS + PERSONAS & a love story

UXcamp Dublin, UXcamp Brighton, UXCamp Europe in Berlin and UXcamp Eindhoven, in 2016.

I presented this talk firstly in our UXCamp Dublin in 2016 and it was a completely success!
It was also our first UXCamp in Dublin, so It was very interesting the workshops and the movement around it. I'm delighted to say I was being selected as one of the Best Speakers there. Thank you all who voted for me :)

The Talk: "Flowcharts + Personas and a Love Story"
I was hosting a session with my insights about how I normally use the flowcharts combined with Personas all way through the journey.
People were very receptive and asking some interesting questions around Personas.

I use Flowcharts + Personas in a ‘AS it IS scenario’, when something is already built.
I tend to use this method whenever I need to share with my team things we have found from previous analysis :

1. If I have the need to review a concept.
(Strategic point of view according to business requirements)
2. If I need to provide feedback about patterns found from User Research. User testing, user interviews or any carried on workshop I found a pattern.
3. If I need to review existing interactions with usability problems, incorrect or unexpected pages or wrong feedback to users.
4. If the requirement is based on customer feedback or complaints.
(Call center feedback, walk-thorough tasks)

Flowcharts + Personas can work also whenever you have to create a new feature interaction. It's great to follow up the creation of the Persona within the userflows because it gives you more room to justify and understand your own design concepts.

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