Workshop: Empathy Mapping

Chile - Dublin - Munich.

My Role in this workshop
I investigate, prepared the materials and carried on this 45 minutes workshop about “Empathy Mapping”.
I run this workshop in several organizations in Chile, Dublin and Munich.

What is this workshop about
The target of this workshop is to find empathy with the people you are designing for.
The activity helps teams to understand what our different audiences are looking for, thinking on and feeling while they are performing some of our tasks.

Motivation to create this workshop
This activity is a fantastic exercise to everyone in the team, or even out of it. This normally happens when the team of designers are defining experiences but It is super easy for organizations to loose track on 'empathy with their audiences' while they are building the features that they are ready to release.

    "I found this activity a great way to come back to the departure point and double check if everyone is on the same page in the middle of developement process."

. Remotely Empathy Mapping workshop, 2016 - At IBM.
4 people working together but based in different cities. A Senior UX Designer (myself) leading the workshop, Product Owner, Product Manager and UI Manager. We use Muraly in order to make this happens, and everyone was in charge of filling in the two different Personas we were working on. We had an specific task and I wasked the participants to add postips to main quarters of each Persona. Here I have an example of it.

Two different 'Personas'
Within the Design team we had two main Personas and we used them to prepared the task and create the overall experience.

.Onsite Empathy Mapping workshop, 2014 - At Globoforce.
Here I did something a little bit different because we had an specific scope in the project, so I organise 3 groups of people working together.
(they were 8 UX designers in the room)

I gave them an intro about what an empathy mapping is and how we use it on the 'Design thinking' approach.
Here you can see some photos from the workshop in 2014.

Three different 'Personas'
I prepared 3 different personas (based on our real Personas we used internally).

Three different stories for them
Each group had to imagine how their persona is going to act in these three extreme situations:
1) Persona’s best friend needs a kidney transplant.
2) Persona’s airplane is failing and he/she has the opportunity to change the flight for another day, even though he/she has to urgently go right now to this place. What is she/he going to do?
3) Persona’s best friend fiancee is having a weird situation with another person in a very lonely pub. Does she/he tell this to his/her best friend?

How this 'Persona' is going to perform 1 task from our application?
Once the group has the empathy created with their own Persona, I asked them to draw the User Journey about one normal task of our application:

Presenting to the group
Once the groups finished, they presented the results to the rest of the team.
First of all, they had to explain the three extreme situations and how their Personas reated to them. Immediately after they had to explain how their Personas felt in each stage of the User Journeys and why.

Outcomes from the workshop
It was an excellent exercise to present to my Team.
They really enjoyed the activity as well as the conclusions.
It was also a different way to interact with other members of the team who are decision makers and solve some friction with a good fun activity. Well done everyone :)

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