Talk: 7 Senses for designers

IBM Design STUDIOS in Dublin, 2016.

Every Tuesday in the IBM Design Studio in Dublin we used to run a weekly meeting where people had the opportunity to share different things about design. The topics may vary but most of the time we share tips, presentations, exercises, updates in the products we are working on, or things that are happening in the world related to Design.
Most frequent topics are:
– Information Architect
– Interaction Design
– Usability Testing updates
– UI patterns
– User Research
– Nice presentations people went to see in other countries and love to share within the team.
– Upcoming Conferences and meet up events and so on…

What is talk about:
This talk was just an excersise for our Weekly Design Studio meeting. The target was to understand how designers use their senses in a design process in order to discover problems. The purpose of this exercise was just to think in the way we (as designers) approach to the requirements before the tendency to start brainstorming different solutions before even understanding the real problem. And how this could be key in the process of develop a successful product.

Here I’m sharing the deck I used in the meeting and please, feel free to use it in your own team environment.

A lovely twitter pick from my colleagues during my talk :)

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